Front Door


We are currently live at the Art of Management and Organisation Conference in Brighton, UK. Here is the Bunk Experiment.

Rational Madness is an award-winning theatre company which brings performance into the heart of change and transformation.

The company was founded in 1999 as part of the arts-based organisation, CATS3000.

Rational Madness seeks to create new audiences for its work, extending its creation and performance into communities and organisations not always to be found in traditional theatre settings.

Rational Madness also seeks to create learning and development opportunities for individuals, groups, organisations, and communities to explore aspects of creativity, dialogue and performance in their own practices. We offer performance, workshops, learning events, and materials.

Our values are based upon professionalism, community and the challenging mediocrity.



We were delighted to premiere an early version of our new play, Letting You Go, Joe, at The Art of Management and Organisation Conference in Bled, Slovenia Р1-4 September 2016. The play then performed at the MIT conference, also in SLovenia. We scratched an earlier version in August 2016 in Edinburgh. Find out more here.