Letting You Go, Joe.


Letting You Go, Joe

Written and Directed by Paul Levy

Produced by Rational Madness Theatre



The Cast

Alan Mindilf played by Nicholas Collett (Nicholas is an award-winning actor for television on theatre. You might have recently seen him kissing Jeff Goldblum in a TV advert! But Nick’s long acting CV includes the recently 5 star rating The Six-Sided Man which played the Assembly at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016.


Joe Stewart played by Paul Levy (Paul is an award-winning writer and director. He is also author the book Digital Inferno and founder of Rational Madness Theatre. He rarely acts and has come out of ten-year retirement just for the beginnings of this production!


About the Play

Letting You Go, Joe is our latest project in early stages of development. The play is unique and part of its core involves not telling you much about it before you experience it. The play, running at about 30 minutes, explores how detachment and distance plays out in organisational and social life.

It continues the Rational Madness artistic exploration of connection and disconnection. It is a dark comedy and part of our current process to evolve the piece further  via research and audience post-show reaction and reflection.

The play was written during the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 using only the author’s right forefinger on an IPhone 6. The reason for that becomes clearer when you see the piece.


Some questions explored in the piece 

Where are the boundaries between personal, social and professional, how do they form and how do they play out in organisational and social life?

What is the light and side side of the “frolleague” phenomenon?

When and how does care become careless?

When does intimacy become dysfunctional ? How can intimacy enhance human connection in an organisational context ? What forms is it allowed to take ?

What are the different temperatures or rules and procedures ? Can they be cold and warm?


Premiere and first scratch performances

We are delighted to have premiered an early version of the production at the AOMO Conference in Bled, Slovenia in early September 2016. We then played at the MIT Conference Workshop in Fiesa, Slovenia.

We are developing the piece further.